You can’t open a magazine, blog or book without reading about quinoa, yoga and mindfulness. In recent years we have become more and more conscious of our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, there as just as many myths as facts out there. It can, therefore, be very confusing for people who want to get on with the health program but are not entirely sure where to start. In this article we will at least debunk one of the many myths out there: fruit juices are just a glass full of vitamins and we should drink it as often as we can. Think again!

Full of sugar

Many celebrities are said to be fans of juice diets, detoxes and cleanses. As with many things, when the Blake Livelies ofthis world say they do and love it, everyone wants in. Is that such a good idea, though? In the case of consuming many and sometimes only (fruit) juices, this is a hard no. Dieticians agree, fruit juices are full of sugar and should be consumed moderately.

Higher intake of sugar

Vegetables and fruits

Let’s get something clear: eating fruits and veggies is good and you should always try to incorporate it into your daily diet. Putting your fruits in the blender, however, is not always the best way to consume them. Something interesting happens when you turn your fresh pieces of fruits in a glass of juice: it gets a lot more concentrated. This means that you can drink a lot more fruit juice than you would eat actual pieces of fruit. Which means a higher intake of sugar.

Rapid release

When you bite into an apple, the sugar in that apple is slowly released into your body. Slowly, because we first need to break down the apple itself before we take in the sugar. This process is sped up oreven skipped when you decide you let the juicer do all the work for you. What you end up with is mostly sugar that rapidly makes its way into your body.

No added sugar

Fruit juices

Many people make the mistake of thinking fruit juices are extremely healthy thanks to commercials and packaging stating: “no added sugar” or “100% natural”. This can be very misleading. One thing you want to always remember is that no added sugar doesn’t mean no sugar, fruit has plenty of that all by itself. Also, sugar is often times a completely natural product. So is tobacco, that doesn’t mean it is good for you.

Sugar makes you fat

It is unfair but true, eating too much sugar makes you fat. A high sugar intake can also lead to diabetes, heart disease and is really bad for your teeth. Plenty of reason to say no to that fruit juice a little more often. Rather go for an actual piece of fruit or, if you want to stick to the juices, a vegetable juice.

Juice it differently

The girl uses a juicer

When you want to change your diet and choose the healthier options over the easy ones, stop buying juice in the supermarket. Chances are high that these juices do more harm than good. Instead, invest in a good juicer, choose one from different types of juicers, slow or fast, masticating juicer etc., you can find more details on Fill the juicer with a combination of fruit and vegetables to fill your glass. This way, you will need less fruit which means less sugar, more vitamins.

Choose a juicer

That is the next problem. Find your way in the sea of options when choosing the right juicer. You can spend as much as $300 or more on a juicer or as little as $50. There are two types of juicers and the biggest difference between them is the amount of noise they produce. Centrifugal juicers are a little softer on the bank account but harder on the ears, masticating juicers are the other way around.

Breville JE98XL

One of the best juicers that is still affordable is the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor. It will set you back $149,95 but won’t wake up the rest of the family when you’re juicing in the morning. It has a large feeding tube which cuts down on the time you would need to prep. It is also easy to use, great for those just starting out on their juicing path.

A cheaper juicer that is worth considering is the BLACK+DECKER 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor. It works well and quickly and is easy to use. You will need to cut your produce up into smaller pieces to not jam the appliance.