Create an original interior in the kitchen is not an easy task. But even more difficult to arrange furniture and household appliances so that everything you need is at hand. It is equally important to think about general and local lighting.
Kitchen – the most popular and favorite room in the house of many housewives. The layout of the kitchen, interior photography, color and lighting – these questions are of concern to everyone who is going to do repairs in the apartment. We learned from the experts at what optimal distance should be placed furniture in the kitchen, so that the tenants and the hostess could work comfortably in it, eat and rest.

  1. The gas cooker should stand at a distance of more than 50 cm from the window or balcony door – otherwise a gust of wind can extinguish the flame.
  2. Do not place a sink or stove in a corner – there will be splashes of water or grease on the side wall. In such a “problematic place” it is better to put a pencil case.
  3. Between the working ruler and the dining table, consider 90-120 cm of free space. Then it will be more convenient for you to move around the kitchen.
  4. For the floor, choose a non-slip coating, such as a tile. If it is a spacious room, then the size of the tile does not matter. In small kitchens, large tiles will not look very nice.
  5. Objects that are needed for cooking (accessories, pans), place it closer to the stove. Attention! If there is a small child in the house, there should not be drawers next to the stove: the baby can climb on them and burn himself.
  6. As a rule, the hood is mounted at a height of 65-75 cm above the plate. If the mistress is above average height – at a distance of 80-85 cm. Remember: the higher the hood is placed, the more powerful it should be.
  7. Consider lighting the work line. These can be spotlights built into the ceiling, or neat suspensions. And keep the chandelier for the dining area.
  8. The distance from the sink to the sewer pipe should not exceed 3 m. Also, when choosing a mixer, pay attention to the spout: the higher it is located, the more convenient it is to place a deep pan under the tap.
  9. Usually the height of the countertop is about 85 cm, for tall people – 90-100 cm. In general, it is defined as follows: bend the arm at the elbow and measure downwards 15 cm – at this distance from the floor the working surface should be located.
  10. Place the dishwasher next to it, then it will be easy to connect, because there are all the engineering communications nearby.

Functionality first of all

Correctly placed equipment makes it much easier to work in the kitchen and move around it. For a working ruler installed in one row, it is necessary to allocate about three meters. If the size of your kitchen is smaller, see the options for good planning on the next page.

Kitchen furniture: triangle rule
Designers use the rule of the triangle in order to create an ergonomic kitchen. The refrigerator, sink and stove form the tops of the triangle, and its sides are the “routes” of the hostess. So that it does not “wind the kilometers”, their length should be 1.2-2.7 m. This rule is easier to implement by placing the basic elements in the form of the letter “G” (as in the photo).


The kitchen is shaped like a letter “P”. What you need for small kitchens. Space for cooking is compact: standing at the sink, you can get food from the refrigerator or reach the stove.Linear kitchen with island. Suitable for open (studio) or closed kitchen of a large area. The island is an ideal place for cooking, as it is located at an equal distance from all objects.Equilateral kitchen with two parallel working rulers, located on both sides of the wide room. Between the rows of cabinets should be a minimum of 120 cm.

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